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Method for Welding Water Tank of Cobalt Alloy Electrode

1. When the linear transport strip adopts the transport method, the Cobalt Alloy welding rod does not swing laterally, and only moves linearly along the welding direction of the welding gap. The stainless steel water tank is often used for the flat butt or the multi-layer welding of the I-shaped groove. Or multi-layer multi-pass welding of interlayer welds.

2. When the linear reciprocating bar of Cobalt Alloy Valve Seat electrode is welded by the method of the carriage, the end of the welding is reciprocatingly oscillated along the longitudinal direction of the weld. It is characterized in that the stainless steel water tank has a slightly faster welding speed, a narrow weld bead and a fast heat dissipation, and is suitable for thin plates and joints. The first layer of the multi-layer welding with a large gap is grounded.

3. When the zigzag moving rod is welded by the Cobalt Chrome Alloy electrode, the welding end is zigzag continuously oscillated and moved forward, and stays on both sides of the weld toe. The purpose of the stainless steel water tank swing is to control the flow of the molten metal and The required weld width can be obtained to achieve the desired appearance. The welding seam of the moving strip method is that the stainless steel water tank is oscillated back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and is mostly used for the flat butt joint, the vertical butt joint, the vertical butt joint and the vertical fillet welding of the plate of the medium and heavy plate.

4. When the crescent-shaped transport strip is welded by the transport method, the welded end is swung left and right in the welding direction. The speed of the swing should be determined by the position of the weld, the form of the joint, the width of the weld and the value of the welding current. At the same time, it must be stopped for a moment on both sides of the weld toe, in order to make the weld toe edge have sufficient penetration and prevent undercut. The advantage of the method is that the metal melts well, has a long holding time, the gas easily escapes, and the slag is easy to float to the surface of the weld, and the weld quality is high, but the weld bead of the stainless steel water tank of the cover is higher than that of the weld bead. High, the method of application of the method is the same as that of the zigzag.

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