Where players roll a gnome and race all the way

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That's the lesson: to what fans want listen. I'm not generally classic gold fan of design design by popular consensus, and I believe that developers can get into a lot of trouble by attempting to follow the whims of a Reddit thread as opposed to their own design sense. However, that's not really what is happening here. The experience that players on WoW classic servers were chasing was especially bounded and abundantly clear: that is a product you have, they had been saying, and it is a product they wanted to buy. Things are always more complicated than they look, but I always feel like it is a good maxim to fall back, especially in games.

It is an annual occasion where players roll a gnome and race all the way to Booty Bay from Gnomeregan to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Organised by Dravvie, Running of the Gnomes raises money for The Pink Fund, a charity that offers financial guidance, from housing to insurance. You can contribute here as well as racing. In 2017, the event managed to raise over $16,000.

Since 2017 Blizzard has indicated the event with a micro-holiday that takes place on every server, complete with cheering NPCs, though the player-run event only takes place on Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon, so that is where you'll want to be if you want lots of competition. There are two WoWs today, of course, and Classic players will also have the ability to participate on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server. You will also have some time race in both matches, as the Classic version will not kick off until 7pm ET on October 19. The path is somewhat more demanding in Classic, but if you've already participated in the race before, you might be to get a fresh challenge.

Blizzard has published an 18-minute video in which classic wow gold buying manager, Ion Hazziokostas, reveals exactly what WoW's incoming important upgrade will totally replace the feature with a new Auction House program -- and it seems like it'll help make player thing trading easier.